The Impact of Gestures on Social Intelligence

This blog by Jessica Outlaw originally appeared on VR and AR rely on interactions from the participant. Being inside of VR/AR experiences requires the user to take action. Users in these open-loop systems have partial control over the experience by moving their eyes, head, hands, or legs. In the PSVR game Headmaster, the player moves his head in order to bounce incoming… Read more →

Building Cascadia – One Beer At A Time

Great things often start at taverns. Revolutions, for some reason, seem to start at taverns called the Green Dragon. And though we weren’t planning to chuck tea into a harbor, virtual and augmented reality professionals from around the northwest braved the snow and ice to discuss a quieter, friendlier tech revolution over drinks and demos. An idea is crackling in… Read more →

Becoming Sherlock Holmes

“When I hear you give your reasons,” I remarked, “the thing always appears to me to be so ridiculously simple that I could easily do it myself, though at each successive instance of your reasoning, I am baffled until you explain your process. And yet I believe that my eyes are as good as yours.” “Quite so,” he answered, lighting… Read more →

Looking Back and Moving Forward with OGO!

It’s been two years since OGO was born at the first Game On event at OMSI, a night of game demos, play parties, talks, and food.  Since then, we’ve continued to iterate and improve as we serve the state’s interactive digital media industries through workforce initiatives, policy support, and plugging resources into great ideas and games that deserve to be… Read more →

Oregon can be the Magrathea of AR & VR

We’ve entered the age of holograms.  Remember Tony Stark building his suit in Iron Man, or for those who remember life before 1990, the Enterprise holodeck?  We’re pretty much there, and Oregon’s virtual and mixed reality development scene is attracting a lot of attention.  It’s easy to see why folks are looking around – the virtual and mixed reality markets… Read more →

Game On 2016 to feature Gamification & the $150B VR/AR Industry

We’re shaking things up a bit for Game On this year – and for good reason.  The Virtual and Mixed Reality market is supposed to be worth $150B by 2020, and much of this growth will come from enterprise applications built on platforms like Hololens and Oculus for industries including architecture, engineering, healthcare, education and consumer products.  But what does this… Read more →

Oregon Games Organization Advocates for Incentives

Oregon Games Organization’s been busy for the last few months – including finding a new name and electing our first board – and the lingering buzz from this morning’s latte and my sense of guilt for letting months go by without giving everyone an update on the latest have finally glued me to my keyboard. OGO’s mission is to make Oregon the best… Read more →

Looking for a job in video games?

Here’s a list of companies who are currently hiring as well as some community resources for jobs.  Don’t see your company or resource on the list?  Let us know…we don’t have email set up yet, so just leave a comment; we’ll add your link to the list once it’s vetted.   Liquid Development Brainium Studios  Super Genius   Pagoda West… Read more →

On to 2015!

Whew! Well it’s safe to say that you all are pretty amazing.  Game On was a huge success; we’re delighted and honored that we had such an amazing response from the craftspeople and companies that make Oregon Video Games great. Board members Rick Turoczy and Paul Culp summed it up pretty well.  Paul wrote thusly: When we announced we were… Read more →