Game On 2016 to feature Gamification & the $150B VR/AR Industry

We’re shaking things up a bit for Game On this year – and for good reason.  The Virtual and Mixed Reality market is supposed to be worth $150B by 2020, and much of this growth will come from enterprise applications built on platforms like Hololens and Oculus for industries including architecture, engineering, healthcare, education and consumer products.  But what does this have to do with games?  Good question.  Developing tools in virtual and mixed reality means building 3D user experiences.  This happens to be something that the video games industry is really really good at.  It’s also why one of OGO’s main focuses this year is on the enterprise market – Oregon’s game developers are keen to build tools and experiences for this new chapter of human<>computer interaction.  GameOnHeader

We’ve put together a fantastic evening.  You’ll enjoy fascinating presentations on surgical, educational and manufacturing applications for VR & AR, and learn how one Oregon studio creates the training simulations that helps the Navy prepare for missile attacks.  This mental feast will be followed by a gourmet dinner from renowned Chef John Gorham and exciting conversation games designed by Rose City Games.  You should leave full of new information, good food, and hopefully brimming with exciting ideas for how virtual and mixed reality can apply to your life and work.

We hope you’ll join Oregon’s video game developers, elected officials, journalists and leadership from the industries outlined above as we learn why Oregon is uniquely positioned to become one of the best gamification, VR and AR development markets in the world.

Game On Details:


Thursday, February 11th – 5:30 – 9:00PM

105 Southeast Taylor Street
Portland, OR 97214