Looking Back and Moving Forward with OGO!

It’s been two years since OGO was born at the first Game On event at OMSI, a night of game demos, play parties, talks, and food.  Since then, we’ve continued to iterate and improve as we serve the state’s interactive digital media industries through workforce initiatives, policy support, and plugging resources into great ideas and games that deserve to be enjoyed by the world. It has been wonderful to work with a coalition of independent developers, established companies, and our friends in the the film, TV, and business sectors. Over the next twelve months, we look forward to doing everything we can to ensure the game industry and communities in Portland, Eugene, Ashland, Oregon City, and throughout the state continue to grow and build amazing things.


We are proud to announce that we will be maintaining a more open online presence as we plan our upcoming events to better support your involvement in the Oregon games economy. As we move forward with this planning, please also share your needs and findings via Twitter and Facebook, then Like, Follow, Share, and Subscribe so that we can keep you up-to-date with our incoming end-of-2016 and full 2017 event schedule!

OGO has been active in the last two legislative sessions. Along with a coalition of media groups and partners, OGO helped to increase the state’s media tax incentives and more importantly bring video games into the fold of industries with access to Oregon’s largest media incentive fund. We’ll continue to advocate at the state and local levels to ensure that Oregon is the best place in the world to make and learn to make games, VR, and AR.  

And as companies in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, and training begin to realize the potential of AR & VR in their fields, we’ve been able to utilize our organizers’ relationships to build bridges with games. In February of this year, we hosted our second annual Game On to connect the enterprise sector to games and related games technology. As this industry accelerates to 80+ billion dollars of market share in the next five years, OGO is here to connect the companies who need AR & VR tools to the studios who can build the experiences of the near future.

We’re excited to move forward with a fantastic crew of organizers with support from the Technology Association of Oregon and the companies and leaders who make up our strong local industry, and we want to welcome you along for the ride!

Look for more news via our Twitter at @ORVideoGames and by signing up for our newsletter! We will be sharing updates about new events, popular commentary relevant to Oregon’s game industry, resources for employment, and more as we continue to support game development in our wonderful state.

Will Lewis is a member of the Oregon Games Organization, the lead community organizer of the Portland Indie Game Squad, and the founder of Rose City Games.